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Muang Kon Dek

Muang Kon Dek
Preeda Akarachantachote
Bangkok: Preaw Yaowachon 2007
242 pages, 13 * 18 cm
Age: 12–18

Muang Kon Dek is a story about the deteriorating human world that is segregated and divided, the world that over-consumes and destroys natural resources and nature to satisfy its own self. When the world is dying, the sun and the moon are also dying. When the adults failed to solve this problem after the children’s plea, the children travel to search for a new land. They build ‘Muang Kon Dek’ or ‘The Children’s World’ up by themselves and lay down rules of living together. In this new land, they are free to do whatever they want to do, and no adult is allowed to love there. Although the children live together happily, they have to face the ‘monsters’ who are the adults who try to exploit this land. What will happen then these children grow up to become adults? Muang Kon Dek is a story of creating an ideal world together.

Preeda Akrachanchote graduated bachelor and master degrees of media "Department of Speech Communication and Performing Arts" (, Thailand. He is a writer, a translator, a researcher and a teacher for Communication and Drama at the "Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University". His wrote Chao-chai Mai Wi-set (2003), Chao-chai Mai Pood (2004), Ka-buan-kaan Ni-taan Lae Sa-hai (2006) and translated Guji Guji.



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